Monday, July 27, 2009

Adrian Martadinata - Ajari Aku

Ajari aku 'tuk bisa
Menjadi yang engkau cinta
Agar ku bisa memiliki rasa
Yang luar biasa untukku dan untukmu

Ku harap engkau mengerti
Akan semua yang ku pinta
Karena kau cahaya hidupku, malamku
'tuk terangi jalan ku yang berliku

Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti, semua inginku

[ajari aku 'tuk bisa mencintaimu]
[ajari aku 'tuk bisa mengerti kamu]

Mungkinkah semua akan terjadi pada diriku?
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Ajari aku 'tuk bisa mencintaimu

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menanti Cahaya

at lasttt .
I post something after days i didn't post . hehe .
firstly, I gotta say that I won 1st place photography contest by Borneo Tribune .
I was really excited when my sista called me and by the time I was still at school . xD
if I'm not wrong, the them is about the government's attention about the education .
klo gag slh sih yaa kira" gtu deh . da rda lupa soalnya .

sorry it's kinda blurry here . =(
the title of the photo is "Menanti Cahaya"
because as you see, they were studying in the dark with only some sun rays .
also, without tables and chairs but they still studying seriously .

you know, this photo can give us inputs .
lots of people suffer to study and even lots of more people that wants to study but they never had a chance .
how about us?
we study at nice schools, lots of facilities, and our parents can afford what we need .
we are WAY LUCKIER than them .
so why do we still keep complaining?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


thx for the awards, fellas ! :D
maap bru post skarang . hehe .
award penguin yg ini gw dapet dari fanee

cat award ini gw lupa dari siapa .
huhu . T.T

kalo yg ini dari elsa . gw inget . hehe .

thx all !
because I'm too lazy too tag people for this award,
so you can just copy this pic and have it as one of your awards . ;)
the rule! you've got to be one of the links in my blog . hihi .
cheers ~

Monday, July 20, 2009

fav quote for today .

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."


Saturday, July 18, 2009

the BOMB issue

hello and i'm back again :D

indonesians, what is the first thing do you think about your country rite now?
pasti bom kan?
yaa yaaa bom lagi setelah bbrp taon kita kaga kedapetan bom .
pdhl 6 taon yg lalu J.W Mariott itu ud kena .
taon ne kna lg .
plus ritz carlton jg lg ! huhu .
parah dehhh tu teroris otak buntu .
dan lagi, pastinya smua jg tau klo MU batal dateng .
uda mondar-mandir di TV ngebacot INI BUDI, BUDI BERMAIN BOLA malah kaga jd .
krn ap? bom .
si Budi kaga jd maen bola gara" kna bom .

once again, Indonesia is terrified by the bomb .

for me, i think the picture i posted above really shows how careless is the maker/the picture editor .
it doesn't show any appreciation or respect .
how rude !
and people still likes it ! [ i took the pic from facebook which people could click the thumb symbol to show that they like it ]

meanwhile, Indonesians in twitter really *reunite* to support Indonesia .
#indonesiaunite is on the top of the trending topics again, fellas ! :P

lots of Indonesian tweeple uses their pic like this :

yup . with the dual Indonesia flag colors or the small flag symbol ! :)

Who is behind this?

@arikfr (Arik Fraimovich), friendly web-geek.

(I've also did and the LIVESTRONG yellow wristband campaign)

taken from here

my twitter

i LOVE Indonesia and I'll always do .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

greetings again


at last I post something again after I had stopped posting about almost 3 weeks . :D
thx for everyone who gave me new awards and I'm soooo sorry I haven't post it . =(
for you who stopped by in my shoutmix box, gw juga blon smped bloghopping back yaaa tapi pasti i'll visit yours kok . hihi .

saking BANYAAAKKKnya yg mau gw post, gw jadi kaga tau jg deh mau post dr mana dulu .
yg pasti tar gw bakal nyempetin dehh buat berbagi cerita" asik gw yg tertumpuk . hehe .

jadiiii see ya later .
i'll be back and post something more important . xP

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't know what title is suitable for this .

I'm really not in the mood to post anything actually . haha .
I gotta say today is definitely not a boring day .
in fact, I'm really proud of my study report and to prove my proudness, I celebrate it with my friends .
there's soooo much to post . really .
but I just wanna sit back and relax this night and other nights until I'm in the mood to post . hihi .
oyeah, and I think I won't sleep this night 'cuz I need to catch up a flight really early tomorrow morning and I have to go from my house around 2 a.m .

toodlesss ~ :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cutie awardiee~

i got an award from Regita .
thx darling ! :D
maap yah kelamaan postnya . hihi .


and i'll pass this award to ...


or anybody else who wants to take this award .
without taking off the credits !

Monday, June 22, 2009

3rd topic : sorrowful

at the second day of classmeeting,
we went eating together after school as usual .
that day's menu is NASI CAMPUR . tau dong lah yaa kan ya dong ? xD
abis itu smua juga pulang ke rumah masing-masing .
I changed my school's P.E uniform into a simple shirt and shorts then went listening some songs .
after only a few minutes, Ivon nelpon bilang kalo Desy nelpon dy bahwa papanya Meily meninggal .
shortly, we went to Meily's house to gather with other friends to cheer her up .
[banyak yg blon mandi pas itu cuma sempet ganti baju doang]

poor Meily,
masih dlm keadaan masih pake baju skolah dy cuma bsa nangis terduduk di lantai .
they assumed that her father died because a heart paralyse .
but before, he never had any disease .
so yeah, who knows .
everybody have their own time and reasons .

yg pasti ya buat kita-kita sbagai temennya yg bantuin dy seharian mpe malem hari itu ngerasa turut berduka juga dan mnurut gw ini bsa jadi suatu plajaran .
siapa tau orang yg kita sayang tiba-tiba diambil?
dan mungkin sblonnya kita sempet bikin salah ama dia yg bkin kita nyesel?

hari itu Jumat .
sblonnya kita uda ngerencanain buat pergi rame-rame ke expo yg ada semacem pasar malemnya gtu .
sdangkan rencana buat sabtu pagi mau jogging juga rame" .
tapi ya di cancel lah ya .
biarpun gtu,
tetep aja kita smua ngumpul malah seharian . hoho .

Sabtu kita-kita dateng lagi .
mestinya emang dateng dari pagi tapi gw datengnya jam 11an soalnya ksiangan .
untungnya, Meily nangisnya uda gag separah kmaren lagi .
yes, she's a tough daughter .
yaa seharian mpe malem lagi itu kita pada ngelipetin kertas" yg dijadiin *uang kertas* yg ntar dibakar .
tau gag? klo yg agamanya Buddha pasti tau deh .
biarpun gw ama temen" bnyk yg bukan Buddha tapi kita demen kok bantuin gtu . ^^

Minggu juga dateng lagi .
tapi sorean soalnya pada ke greja .
lanjut deh ngelipet gituan lagi skalian nemenin si Meily lagi .
tapi hari itu gw cuma bsa mpe jam 7 kurang doang soalnya mau makan bareng kluarga .

trus tadi, Senin .
pastinya lah kita pada dateng lagi .
untungnya lagi, hari ini more fun than yesterdays deh kekna .
Vivi, ponakannya si Meily itu lucuuuu banget nggemesin .
dy bru 2 apa 3 taon gt
pipinya yg tembem dan perutnya yg ndut itu slalu jd sasaran cici" yang iseng ini . haha .
tapi ada satu juga ponakan ato sodaranya si Meily itu supernyebelinnn .
malah kita-kita yg digangguin mulu .
baru juga skitar 7 ato 8 gt deh umurnya .
masi kecil tapi tenaga badak . [gtu kata aso-nya si Meily]
serasa dibabuin deh kita pada .
gile aje kerjanya tibantibanan trus ngebajakin makanan orang .
parah deh pokonya . hahaha .
FYI, aso-nya si Meily itu juga asik orangnya .
pas makan bareng juga gila lah kita uda kekenyangan malah tambah sakit perut gara" ketawa mulu dibikin dy .
malah yg lg minum pada mpe mau nyembur-nyembur aer . lol

yah maybe that's enough for this post . hehe .
see ya~

ended .

2nd topic : culinary gathering or what?

during exam week,
me and my friends gathered everyday after school to eat . :DD
from ayam penyet, vegetarian foods, to just potato chips, we're always together .. to eat !
so we did that more than 2 weeks I guess .
so fun yet fatty . lol
fatty? I guess I'll take that back . hihi .
pokonye biarpun itu resto ato kedai inceran kita tutup,
makan-makan? teteuppp gag bole ada penghalang . haha .
yg pasti itu kita ngumpul bukan cuma buat makan-makan,
tapi ngobrol juga dong .
dan PASTINYAA ngomongin apapun dr yg penting ampe yg GAG PENTING juga .
get that, slut? [if u're reading and u know it's you]
yg pasti gw males deh critain smua yg diomongin itu ke sini .
banyak gileee .
if u're curious to know, you can just ask me though . xP

at the last day of exam, we went to villa bukit mas trus brenang" dan pastinya makan dong gag dilupain .
yg ikud hari itu ada Jovian, Sergius, Edi, Desy, Tracy, Yunisa, Angel, Vinka, Jessica, Meily, Ivon, gw, ama siapa lagi deh maap klo ada yg kelupaan . hehe .
tapi gag smuanya ikud brenang .
itu villa bukit mas yg emang di atas bukit, pas itu lg lbih kenceng lagi anginnya .
ampe kedengeran bunyi" kenceng dari pohon" di utan .
trus itu payung yg biasa di stand buat meja dan orang duduk" itu jadi terbang jauhhhhh mpe ke skitar tanah kosong gitu .
tapi gag jauh" amed sih . hahaha .
abis dr sana kita ngelanjutin lagi ke apa teratai gitu gw lupa namanya dan males nginget . hehe .
emang sih pas di jalan itu lg ujan dannn lama" tambah deresss BANGET .
pas uda nyampe sana kita pada uda basah tanpa setitikpun baju terselamatkan . haha .
eh gw ada pake semacem jaket gtu deh jd masi bbrp titik kering .
kita berteduh di sana dan bbrp lama kemudian kita menuju rumah Tracy deh .
[pas ke *apa* teratai itu Tracy dah balik ke rumah duluan]
ehh trnyata dy lg tidur pas kita" nyampe di rmh dy .
tapi lsg bangun sih .
jdnya kita ngobrol berjam-jam dehhh dan ngomongin mulai dari yg penting mpe kaga penting . [lagi]

enough for this topic .
gw mau lanjut to the next topic aj . hehe .

1st topic will be ~~ hamster !

first of all i wanna say that I have SOOOO MUCH TO POST since umm..
because the topics are getting old and i'll post others that is more fresh [yup! :D],
so I guess I'll just separate the posts with the topics .
I won't post it by the details that I used to do . x(

iya senen lalu, hamster gw ngelahirin 5 anak .
seneng"nya deh .
gw pulang skola abis pegi makan rame" ama yg laen lsg ganti baju trus beli kandang baru .
itu si emak kerjaannya minda"in anak"nya mulu .
pokonya lucu dehh . hihi .
pas siang gw dismsin ama mbak gw klo 5 anak hamsternya itu mati gara" dimakan semut . [wkt itu gw blon pulang]
emang sialan bangsatt deh tu semut" .
blon berumur sehari uda dimakanin .
kesel banget deh gw .
trus itu si emak kekna jd stres gtu .
berhari-hari kerjanya bobo mulu .
klo kluar dari tmpat bobonya cuma buat ngesrek" kandangnya [keknya nyariin anak"na gt . huhu .]
akhirnya karena dy gag mau makan jadi mati deh 2 days ago . TT__TT
so for now on, only the male that's left .

2nd topic separated . xP

Saturday, June 13, 2009

cheating? CHEATER !

okay .
i guess to be a cheater is not a good profession .
[ehem. i think cheating is not a profession]

according to my recent activities which are STUPID EXAMS,
what is the solution to pass it?
do you like to study? lol .
what I was saying is that the probability to cheat is really large and I guess everybody had cheated before .
*okay, caught me guilty .

by the time, cheater generations [wtf?] are always more and more . :DD
and by their amount,
most of the cheater generations nowadays are experts and professionals . hehe .
and don't you know?
cheating needs skills too . *lmao
it needs speed, experience, and so on .
so, if you don't have the skill or the *charisma* of a cheater,
you won't succeed cheating UNLESS you practiced really hard before cheating . xD
yupyupyup, cheating is not as easy as you think .

cheating is something that is challenging too .
what do you feel when you cheat or after you cheated?
and why do you feel so?
sometimes, cheating can be something amusing .
it brings somewhat individual satisfaction when you succeeded . haha .

during tests and exams,
most of the students cheat . [or all of them?]
about cheating, unfortunately I can't post all of it or even a bit .
well you know, one of my teacher found out me and my friends' blog so if I post something suspicious about the school, cheating, or whatever it is, they might find out too . =="

last but not least .
i'll just say HAPPY STUDYING ~!
[or happy cheating? lol . you decide]

ended .

Friday, June 12, 2009

bzbzbzzz ~

at lasttt . .

gw bsa posting lagi setelah kira" 2 apa 3 hari gw kaga onlendd .
that's all because of my mom told me not to touch the computer before I finish my exams . T.T
tapi skrg gw buka ini dengan alesan nulis tugas bahasa . hihi .
dan sebetulnya ada banyaaakk yg mw gw post tentang kmaren" yg gag smpet gw post .
tapi yaudalah .
I still have exams tomorrow .
and yes, I should be studying now .

besok masi ada Bio ama TIK .
wish me luck . ^^

cupang gw si Aqua uda bikin anak a.k.a bininya uda bertelor . hahaha .
waiting for the hatchlings ~

Monday, June 8, 2009


oh please .
i haven't studied yet and it's almost 9 o'clock ?
zzz .
tomorrow's tests are English and Catholic .
but i know i still have to study . ~_~
i hope the tests will be easy . xD

anddd today,.
yes today . lol
i bought 2 females for Minho and Aqua .
and i sure did choose pretty wifes for them . hahaha .
i'm looking forward for their childrens . xP

i'll be off .
gonna study for the Catholic test .
[effin' rite? @@]

tests .

Bahasa Indonesia and P.E test today .

not much to say about the Bahasa test, but i'll tell a little about the P.E .
as we all [read:me and my classmates] know, we've never got any notes about P.E
kita cuma praktek doang dan bahkan si Pak YS itu jrg dateng . =="
jadinya yaa Pak SP yg slalu buatin soal"nya .
berhubung tadi malem gw jg kaga blajar krn kaga tau apa yg mesti diplajarin,.
jadi ya gw jg kaga tau apa yg mesti dijawab . hahhaha
tapi ada yg gampang, ada juga yg blon prnah kita pada denger .
cuma pilihan jwbnnya bnyk yg bkin gw ngakak atopun cengar-cengir doang .

contohnya ini : [tapi kira" seinget gw lah]
Dalam posisi sit-up, bagaimana posisi kaki seharusnya?
a. diluruskan
b. dibengkokkan sedikit
c. ngangkang
d. [gw lupa]
e. [gw lupa]

trus juga ada yg pilihan jawaban : e.teges prong
tau apa itu? mestinya TIGER SPRONG tapi ditulis TEGES PRONG . wth =="

trus juga ada soal : Urutkan langkah-langkah lompat PLOP dan jelaskan !
nah apa pula itu lompat plop kaga perna denger gw . hahaha .
tdnya pngen gw jelasin pnjg lebar trus intinya lompatnya itu mesti bunyi *PLOP* tapi kaga mungkin juga . =="
jadi gw sebutin asal"an deh .
~ berdiri dgn jarak 2 meter di luar area lompatan.
~ berlari dengan langkah dimulai dari kaki kanan.
~ melompat menyeberangi horizontal bar
~ lompatan mendarat dengan punggung di atas matras.

yaudalah gw jg kaga ada krjaan lagi tadi secara gw slesein testnya lbih dari stengah jam sblon bel tanda bole kluar kelas dibunyiin .
lembar" soal yg mestinya kaga bole dicoret jdnya gw coret juga .
ini salah satu yg gw coret :

e. teges prong ~> TIGER SPRONG =D hahaha
Urutkan langkah-langkah lompat PLOP dan jelaskan ! ~belon dijelasinn~

ended .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

슈퍼주니어 T - Rokkugo

another SuJu's cute video .
although it's in 2007 and kinda weird,
but still - CUTE ! xD

hmhmhm ,.

tomorrow's the first day of examination .
yes, i should be studying now .
tapi gw gag tau mw blajar apa . =="

i'm gonna tell u about my fishes again . :DD
[Shiro is getting upset cuz he's being ignored lately since the fishes arrival]

from my 3 little black ghost fishes,.
1 one them sering nampakkin diri kadang" .
tapi biasanya cuma brenang mondar-mandir cepet gitu trus balik sembunyi lagi . hehe .
yg 1 nya lagi, cuma sembunyi di blakang pohon"an ato rumah"an ikan di aquarium itu .
yg 1 nya lagi ini ne yg cuma move on from one weed to another, tapi brhasil gw poto . xP

trus si Minho ama si Aqua [akhirnya gw dapet nama buat dia . hehe .]
uda bikin gelembung" gtu di prmukaan air yg tandanya,.mreka mau kawin .
jadi bsk rencananya gw mau beli 2 betina dehh . hahaha .
tp nykb gw suru bli aquarium lagi biar mreka baru bsa kawin . =="
meanwhile, Shiro is getting old dan masih blon dikawinin . [dia dah 2 taon]

brikut potonya pas Minho ama Aqua lagi brantem . hehe . xD

슈퍼주니어 - Marry U versions

the original version of Marry U .
[the Korean version]

the Japanese version .
[sang by SuJu too]

and ~ the Chinese version,
sang by Super Junior M .

which one do you think is the best ? x]

quote again .

Sticks and stones may bruise my bones but words will never hurt me.

- Shaquille O'Neal -

Saturday, June 6, 2009

HE who deserves you

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot,
wait for the boy who kisses your forehead,
who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats,
who holds your hand in front of his friends,
who thinks you' re just as pretty without makeup on.
One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU.
The one who turns to his friends and says, that's her...

luckies again?

sial deh tadi pas di skola gw jatoh . zzz
kan critanya pas plajaran olahraga gw ama yg laen pada ud mau maen kejer"an lg .
trus gw lari kcil" gt cuma buat mnjauh dari Owen soalnya dia yg jadi,
eh tiba" gw kek gmana yahh . hmm pokonya klo kek gw mau ktiduran gt deh rasanya .
padahal gw lari biasa" aj kaga napsu jadinya jatoh deh .
pas jatoh gw jg diem aj lg . =="
jadinya di sikut kiri gw bdarah gt trus lecet" di tangan ama kaki .
tapi gapapa deh dah biasa . lol

TADI SORE gw ama Ivon jg liat" ikan dulu abis itu rncananya baru mau langsung les mat ama Pak Anjar .
tapi trnyata kita motong banyak waktu cuma buat milihin ikan cupang .
gilaaa cakep" smua sih .
skrg gw bru tau knapa Lidya lelet banget pas milih cupang ampe kek direnungin satu" .
ikan cupangnya juga ada beda" harganya .
tapi smuanya teteuupp cantikcantikk .
gw beli 2 yg masing" harganya 20ribu .
yg warnanya merah biru gini kerennn banget and i named it MINHO .
cuz he has the charisma like MINHO does . xD
1 lg gw blon kasi nama soalnya bingung . hehe .
yg pasti gw milih itu soalnya unik dan ada smacem bintik" kecil gtu .
tapi dy rada susah dipoto . x(
brikut potonyaaa ~

Ivon juga beli 1 ikan cupang yang harganya 10rb tapi gag kalaahhh keren . hoho .
sbtlnya yg di deretan 10rb itu mnurut gw banyak yg sayapnya bgs" .
tapi gw lbih dmen yg sayapnya lebar" . hehe .
slaen itu, gw jg ada beli ikan mas koki kecil lagi buat menuhin aquarium gw lg .
sblonnya kan ikan mas koki kecil gw ada 4 tapi kata nyokab gw jgn 4 soalnya gag bgs .
dy juga klo bli ikan kecil belinya 5 sih . wkwk .
tadinya gw disuru beli 1 tapi gw bli skalian aj 3 soalnya gw liatnya kasian klo dy sendiri . hahaha .

TAPIII pas gw dah di mobil dan nunjukin hasil blanjaan gw, nykb gw bilang..
Nyokab : "yahhh baru aja diomongin ikan cupang. dia malah beli." [sambil ngmg ke sopir gw jg]
gw : "hah? mang napa? kok keknya mami kecewa bgt sih?"
nyokab : "ya gapapa juga sih. cuma kan repot ntar naronya."
gw : "oh. ya ntar taro di toples dulu deh. trusss Ella juga ada beli ini lohh.." [sambil ngluarin kantong plastik isi 2 ikan mas koki kecil]
nyokab : "HAAH? kamu beli lagi? wah tambah penuh deh aquariumnya."
gw : "hah mang napa lagi? mami ada beli ikan lagi yaa?"
nyokab : "idih. ga kok. ngapain kurang kerjaan."
gw : "ah pasti deh mami beli ikan lagi. iya ya? mami beli ikan lagi ya, Ne?" [asked me to my 5 years old sista, Shianne]
Shianne : [ngangguk"] "iya. tadi mami beli lagi ikan yg item warnanya."
gw : "ohh tu kannn. hahahaha." [ gw ngetawain nykb gw yg tadinya masang tampang serius kek mw boongin gw . xD]

akhirnya pas gw pulang, ikan yg ditambahin nykb gw itu 3 ikan BLACK GHOST yg emang gw demen dari dulu .
waaaa~~ thxthxthx mami . xP
tak lupa nykb jg ud nambahin spasang ikan mas koki yg rada gedean . =="
jadinyaa skrg di aquarium gw itu total ada 22 ikan . hehe .
trus si 2 cupang gw taro di sblah aquarium itu dgn toples terpisah .
di dpn kmr gw jg baru nyampe tadi ikan arwana . hohoho .


PS : can you see the 3 black ghost fishes ? xP

Friday, June 5, 2009

Heechul ♥♥ ~

although this video is kinda old, [it's in 2007]
but it won't get me bored .
Heechul ~ >_<

another quote ^^

I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything.
I've always been a freak.
So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know.
I'm one of those people.

- John Lennon -

luckiess ~~

gileee Fisika mampus dah gw .
tadi plajaran trakhir si Pak Daryono jelasin dgn sangaaaaatt ringkas mpe mampus .
parahnya gw gag ngerti sama skali .
srius deh puyeng bner ngliatinnya .
mampus mampus deh ulum tar . huhuhu .

anywaysss .
tadi pas gw pulang skolah nyokab lsg jln dari ruang blakang sambil blg ke gw,
"La, ikannya uda dibuang smuaa.." dengan tampang rada gimanaa gtu sambil bawa toples tempat gw taro 4 ikan mas koki gw . [iya masi kcil" ikan mas nya jadi gw males beli aquarium skalian hemat duit]
"Hah? ga mungkin deh pasti boong." kata gw dgn cuek aja krn emang gw susah diboongin mbakk . hahaha .
ya gw ke halaman blakang aja deh buat liat dimana ikan gw .
TERNYATAA nyokab gw ud beliin aquarium . [YAY!]
ikan"nya ditambah lagi .
jadi ada 5 ikan kecil yg bergaris" merah biru trus ada 5 ikan kecil tipis gitu badannya trus warnanya rada ganti" gitu klo kna sinar .
skalian juga ditambahin lagi 1 ikan mas koki ukuran sedeng . [sedang bukan sedeng gila]
jadi skarang total di aquarium itu ada 15 ikan deh .
di kolam halaman blakang masih banyak ikan koi tapi . hahaha .

nyokab gw juga beliin hamster lohh .
beserta kandangnya . hahaha .
katanya sih sepasang .
yg warnanya hampir putih smua itu yg jantan .
trus yg ada abu"nya gitu yg betina .
22nya ndut" gitu . xD

yaudadeh skian postingan gw .
semi hiatus ~
zzz .

Thursday, June 4, 2009

슈퍼주니어 H - Cooking? Cooking!

pretty old song but still,
i LOVE this . xD

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


tadi pagi skitar jam 4 ato jam 5 itu gw kbangun .
padahal lagi asik"nya mimpi .
cuma mimpi itu agak" gimanaaa gtu yg mnurut gw rada menarik . hahaha .
makanya ne gw mw critain .

di mimpi gw itu critanya kita pada lagi ngerayain perpisahan gtu .
tapi lokasinya gw gag tralu inget dimana yg pasti kita ngerayainnya mpe malem .
seinget gw sih itu tempatnya sejenis hotel trus ada kolam renangnya & kita juga smpet brenang"an dsana . haha .
abis itu keknya kita pulang naek bus deh per kelas .

stelah itu di mimpi gw gag inget apa" lagi taunya gw ama hampir smua temen yg 1 bus ama gw uda di suatu gedung gitu,
trus ad ruang smacem hall ato ballroom gt deh .
di dalem sana penuh banget orang [tapi bukan orang, hmm *roh* lebih pas mungkin]
mreka smua bilang *ada orang baru..* tapi dengan nada lemes" dan smacem gaung gtu .
yahh critanya juga hantuu hahaha .
pas itu feeling gw jd rada gag enak .
tapi ntah napa smua jadi gag kerasa apa" .
pokonya tanpa beban deh .
di dpan ruang itu ada 2 pnjaga [cowo] berbadan mayan gede dan berotot, trus mreka pake tameng gtu + megang smacem tombak .
gw nanya deh ke mreka,
"Pak, saya uda mninggal ya?" tapi pas gw ngomong gitu nada bicara gw juga jadi lemeslemes gt . =="
Pak itu jawab,"Iya." [kemungkinan kita pada mninggal gara" kcelakaan bus]
"oh. trus ada orang baru lagi ga?" kata gw lagi dengan prtanyaan yg sok" gw ud pnghuni lama disitu .
pas dia jawab gt pas ada sms masuk di hape gw . [aneh kan bsa ada hape?]
isinya :
Nama : J** S***** [dirahasiakan]
Tanggal Lahir : [hmm gw lupa]
Umur : [20an gtu]
Tanggal Meninggal : [yang pasti hari itu]

trus gw kasi tau si penjaga itu dan dia bilang emang ada orang baru .
past gw datengin orang baru itu, trnyata dia bukan orang yg dimaksud di hape gw .
tapi itu orang laen yg sebaya ama gw dan itu orang yg tadinya gw ktemu di tempat perpisahan .

yaa gw ngobrol" deh ama dia .
cuma nada bicaranya beda ama gw .
pas gw tanya ke si penjaga trus dia jawab,"iya, soalnya dia blon mati . tapi di lagi sekarat makanya bsa liat kita padahal masi stengah idup."
[dengan kata lain itu rohnya tapi aslinya masi stengah idup. ngerti gag? hahaha]

besoknyaa gw ama temen" ke skolah seperti biasa .
tapi bedanya ya biasa kita masih idup, skarang uda cuma rohnya doang .
pas di kelas itu beberapa anak gag ada dan skolah sepi .
karena critanya kan skolah kita "beda dimensi" ama skolah orang idup .
jadi beberapa anak yg gag ada di kelas gw itu mungkin masi idup critanya .
cuma karena hampir smua murid di kelas gw yang mati, makanya kita masi bsa ngobrol" dan bcanda bareng .
ada Edi, Ivon, Windyanto, Jane, Febe, Jessica, Owen, dll pokonya hampir smua deh .
pas istirahat, baru kita bsa liat smua guru" dan tmen" yang masih idup .
tapi mreka gag bsa liat kita .
ya kita bebas deh masuk kluar kelas mreka sambil nyanyi kek triak kek ngapain kek juga gag bakal kerasa .
gw kluar masuk aj ke tiap" kelas sambil triaktriak "woi ada yang bisa liat gw gaa?"
trus gw ktmu 1 ce kakak kelas yg skarang gw masi inget mukanya tapi gag tau namanya,
dia bisa *ngeliat* dan dia liat gw .
cuma pas liat gw dia rada ktakutan gitu . [ya ngliat hantu sih]
trus gw lanjut dehh triak"an lagi .
tiba" dari kelas XI IPS A ada yang manggil gw .
pas gw masuk ksana, trnyata si Wenny dari klas XB .
bingung dong gw .
gw : "hah, kok bsa ngliat? uda mninggal juga ya?"
Wenny : "iya nih. yg lain dimana?"
gw : "ada dimanamana . kita hampir 1 kelas loh yg mninggal."
Wenny : "wah iya yah? kelasku juga kok."

abis tu kita kluar kelas itu dan kliling" lagi .
ada anak" kelas XE lagi pada duduk" .
gw juga bilang *woi siapa yg bsa liat gw?* dong ke mreka .
tapi si Yohansan malah ketawa" aja sambil blg *bego ni stella*
ternyata mreka pada juga uda mninggal . =="
abis itu yaa kita bcandaan lagi,
ngobrol lagi,
nyanyi" lagi,
bahkan gw bisa nyanyiin *Hikayat Cinta* sebebasbebasnyaa . hahaha .

abis itu gw kebangun dehh . zzz
kbangun tanpa sebab aja padahal gw masi mau tau kelanjutan mimpi gw itu .
yauda deh gw langsung tidur lagi .
seandainyaa ntar klo mati kek gtu, rasaanya aneh bgt .
tapi keknya enak juga soalnya tanpa beban . haha .
who knows the death?
cara orang mninggal juga beda" .
masing" punya caranya sndiri .
yaa klo gw pribadi sih kaga takut ama kmatian dan tman"nya .
yg pnting idup bae" aja dulu di dunia . hahaha .

ended .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SHINee - Juliette

i just LOVE this .


lazy posting these days .
too much things to write [type] but i just don't know where to begin . ~__~

masi inget sama poto yg waktu itu gw link?
yang pokonyaa ada kutipan about me n my friends' habit to comment photos .
trus yaa skrg ada 1 poto yg paling bnyk dari hasil comment" kitaa hahaha .
skarang poto yg itu ud ber-comment 1000 lbih . mgkn 1050 lebih .
eh bukan deng . 1231 . hahaha .
yg INI nihh .
tapi skarang da nambah lg dong pastinya . xD
yaa yaaa bole liat dong . lol

haissssh snen dpan ulum dehh .

Sunday, May 31, 2009

HW from Ivon .


1. Stella
2. Stellbee
3. Bee
4. Ella


1. august 6th
2. december 25th
3. january 1st
4. february 17th


1. sang along to the song i was listening to .
2. gave Shiro his food
3. ate snacks
4. texting .


1. enjoy the life
2. do good deeds
3. believe in what you do
4. eat and sleep well


1. Rio
2. Dixon
3. Pishi
4. Jenny


1. private jet
2. million dollars
3. a huge n pretty mansion
4. ferrari


1. texting
2. chatting
3. blogging
4. online shopping


1. Italy
2. France
3. Japan
4. Korea


1. juice
2. mineral water
3. starbucks' Java chip
4. milk


1. handphone
2. wallet
3. mirror
4. lighter


1. black
2. purple
3. red
4. yellow


1. mall
2. just dwell around with friends
3. coffee shops
4. movies


1. Jesus
2. my family
3. my besties
4. ~~ too many .


1. Ikuta Toma
3. Jang Geun Seok
4. Wu Zun


1. handphone
2. my camera
3. my violin
4. my piano


1. A.Mi.Go - SHINee
2. Monster - Super Junior
3. Seven Years - Saosin
4, Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


1. farewell prom at Bali
2. when I got my first piano award when I was in 1st grade of elementary .
3. 5th grade elementary when we went to museums .
4. 5th grade elementary : retreat in Cipayung [too many memorable moments in 5th grade]


1. played cops and robbers
2. chasing around at school halls and school fields
3. passed letters in class
4. played in Kindergarden's playground . [i did this when I was in elementary, usually they locked the playground gate so we had to climb it up]


1. ntand
2. mzvha
3. yokko
4. doodle-dollie
[whoever wants to do this HW can just copy .]


1. nanggung . ud dicopas hahaha .
2. dikasi peer ya dikerjain lah
3. i found it somewhat interesting .
4. worth to try . lol

Friday, May 29, 2009


sekilas ajaa postingan gw ini dari 2 plajaran trakhir tadi yaitu B.Ind dan Agama .
waktu plajaran B.Ind itu Pak Nano suru kita bagi per kelompok jadi 1 klompok itu 6/7 orang .
tadi itu klompok gw ada Ronny, Sergius, Windyanto, Dian [cowo lohh], Vonny, ama gw .
jadinya per klompok itu disuru nulisin tntang majas n contoh"nya .
klompok gw dapet majas METONIMIA .

gw ngusulin sih klo uda pada bkin contoh 6 kalimat abis itu masing" bacain . [di klompok gw dong tntunya]
nah keknya punya gw deh yg paling unik soalnya dari mreka jg pada biasa" aj . hahaha xP
nihh punya gw . .

1. Kubawa Jaguar merahku mengelilingi kota.
2. Mereka memperbaiki sayap kanan Garuda itu.
3. Ada diskon besar-besaran di Matahari.
4. Kakakku minum Kiranti untuk melancarkan haidnya.
5. Aku mengelilingi kompleks rumah bersama Kijang biru.
6. Temanku membeli Sutra tiap malam minggu.

abis kita ngomongin ttg yg di atas tersebut trus ngobrol" n plajaran slese, trus si Dian nanya ke Ronny . [pas itu gw lagi di sblah mreka]

Dian : "eh, Sutra itu apa sih?"
Ronny : "hah masa ga tau Sutra?"
Stella [gw] : "aduhh itulohh Sutra, minuman gitu deh. ga perna nyoba?"
Dian : "iya yah? kok saya ga perna tau.." [dgn tampang polos n kekna dy prcaya bgt klo Sutra itu minuman]
gw : "nih yaa. makanya klo mau tau Sutra apa ntar ke toko deh. tanyain ke mbaknya *mbak, ada Sutra yg rasa Strawberry ga?*"
Dian : "oh gt yah..hmm.." [masi dgn tampang polos dan selalu polos]
Ronny : "Eh iya kan Sutra ga punya rasa." [ngmg ke gw doang n tanpa spengetahuan Dian]
gw : "Oh iya yahh yg ada rasa kan Fiesta."

-- otw dari perpus balik ke kelas --

uda di kelas . si Dian masi bingung aj .
trus kebetulan plajaran Agama ini kita disuru bkin klompok lagi buat nantinya tiap klompok ngejelasin yg dibaca yaitu kirakira tntang Roh Kudus dan Pentakosta .
gw : "knapa Diannn?"
Dian : "saya masi bingung aj. Sutra itu kondom kan?"
gw : "dihh kata siapa? eh smuanya, Sutra itu minuman kan?" [sambil ngasi kode dikid ke yg laen hahaha]
yg laen ngangguk" dgn tampang serius ato emang mreka mau ngangguk aj x .
Owen : "iya kok. masa ga tau sih?"
Dian : "iya emang saya ga tau."
gw : "makanya coba belii..coba tanyain mbaknya 'mbak klo sutra ga ada rasa yg xtra jg boleh deh' gt aj pasti tar dikasi deh."
[si Dian mikirmikir]
Owen : "ato mau kita yg beliin? biar ntar coba sendiri?"
[Dian masihhh bingung]
Dian : "Setau saya Sutra itu kyknya kondom."
gw : "dih siapaa yg blg kondom. org drtd kita ngomongin minuman juga."
Edi : "Sutra itu ada bnyk. Ada minuman, ada kondom, ada lotion.." [emang dia ngarang tapi scara tdk langsung itu ngasi clue ke Dian]
Dian : "tuh kan saya jd ga yakin deh. kalian jg ngomongnya ketawa2 gt.."
Ronny : " klo ga prcaya coba tanya Jane deh dy ad jual ga." [Jane punya toko obat]
Dian : "Jane..Jane...ada jual Sutra ga?"
Edi : "coba tanyain brapa harganya tuh."
Jane : "ha? oh iya iyaa.. ada.. apaan sih?" [dy ga connect tapi iyaiya aja]

-- cut disini [kpanjangan ntar] --

Dian : "yang saya tau Fiesta ama Sutra itu kondom kan?" Ronny : "siapa yg blg kondom?"
gw : "ih Fiesta itu kan merek chicken nugget gimana sih !"
mreka pada : "oh iya yah..bener juga sih..iya juga yaa.."
Edi : "emangnya kamu tau kondom itu yg buat apa? yg kyk gmana?"
Dian : "iah tau kok. yaa kirakira yg ada bergeriginya gtu. trus bntuknya mirip rambutan."
gw n Edi : "hahh?" [langsung cengo bbrp detik trus ktawa ama yg laen]
Edi : "kok rambutan sih?" gw : "ga tau jg deh. keknya ga mirip dehh Diannnn.."
Dian : " aduh ga tau deh makin lama tambah bingung saya."

-- diCUT lagi . hahaha --

ended .

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I try to picture the girl
Through a looking glass
See her as a carbon atom
See her eyes and stare back at them
See that girl
As her own new world
Though a home is on the surface, she is still a universe

Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds
Are we all here standing naked
Taking guesses at the actual date and time
Oh my, justifying reasons why
Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

Try to picture the man
To always have an open hand
See him as a giving tree
See him as matter
Matter fact he's not a beast
No not the devil either
Always a good deed doer
And it's laughter that we're makin after all

The call of the wild is still an ordination why
And the order of the permeates
All our politics are too late
Oh my, the congregation in my mind
Is this assembly singing gratitude
Practicing their livin' for you

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin' it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

And oh, let's take it easy
And celebrate the malleable reality
Because nothing is ever as it seems
This life is but a dream

Live High - Jason Mraz

SHINee's *Save Energy, Save Earth* xD

oh ohh ohh ~
almost forget this one .
SHINee's *Save Energy, Save Earth*

cutie Key omma ~ x3

and I want those mugs ! xP


heyhoo :)
Super Junior sang this song about Save Energy, Save Earth .
so i guess I have to post this . xD

see ?
if you are SuJu's fans, i bet you'll do what they told in that vid . ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another quote ~

You can't predict who you'll fall in love with .
Love's the one thing that doesn't have a pattern,
it's a total mystery .
If you overthink it, you're wasting your time .

-- Taylor Swift --

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


oiyaa tadi plajaran terakhir itu SENI .

kali ini kita per klompok nyanyiin lagulagu daerah pake alat musik perkusi gt deh .
tapiii gag bole yg uda jadi . mesti bkin ndiri deh alat" musiknyaa .
tadi yg gw bawa itu ada sumpit besi, tutupan dr bahan kaleng gt, panggangan, ama botol aqua yg diisi beras [yg ini punya Edi], dll.

yg mw klompok gw nyanyiin itu Yamko Rambe Yamko ama Kampuang nan Jauh di Mato .
klompok gw ada gw, Jessica, Ivon, Edi, ama Windyanto .
bsa disimpulkan klo klompok kita yg paling rame alat musiknya .
secara klpk laen masi pada duduk" doang gag bw ap" .
klompok saingan kita cuma klompok Ronny, Sergius, Febe, Della, n Jane .
tadii slama plajaran itu ya kita battle dehh ama mreka hahaha .
pokonya klo klompok gw brenti nyanyi klompok mreka mesti lanjut nyanyi lagu laen n gag bole brenti, gt jg sebaliknya .
yahh biarpun ud berkalikali ditegor Bu Wiwi spy gag brisik tapi ya tetep aja lah bodo amett .
mulai dari Balonku ampe Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke dinyanyiin deh .
trus juga ada maen yg *sedang apaa sedang apa sedang apaa sekaraangg?*
tau kan tau kan?
yaa gt deh kita maenin slama 2 jam plajaran nonstop . =="

end. mau les bentar lagi

school 2day

woke up late this morning so I had to do sort of school chores . =="
disuru ngelap jendela" ruang tamu yg veryvery berdebuuu .
gile itu kekna emang gag prna di lap deh .
cuma kacanya aj yg kliatan brsih . zzz
akhirnya gw msk klas skitar jam 7.30 deh .

plajaran b.ind .
trus .
istirahat .
trus sejarah .
and then plajaran agama [Katolik]
just like usual, klo si suster itu ud mau dateng ato ud dateng pasti klas kita rusuh minta ampun .
tapi trnyata td dy diemin kita bntar trus suru kita duduk tegak .
"Coba duduk diam seperti ini dalam 10 menit," katanya .
ya kita mana tau sih mau ngapain kirain kan gara" brisik jd dy kek gt .
tapi msih pada ketawaketiwi aj .
"Tarik napas pelanpelan, buang napas pelanpelan" ~ dstdst.
trus suster suru kita merem jg n tenangin diri .
abis itu dy bacain semacem phrases about Jesus n sgala macem yg ktia mesti renungan gt dehh .
10 menit . lama banget .
gw aj da hampir ktiduran td .
akhirnya kita *bangun* n disuru nulisin hasil renungan kita tadi .
yaa gw tulis yg -ini- versi Inggrisnya . haha .
yg ini originalnya . .

Yesus, idolaku .
Apa aku bisa mengikut seperti diriMu ?
Itu yang kutanyakan pada diriku .
Andai Kau ada di sebelahku pada saat ini, pasti aku sangat malu .
Malu terhadap diriku sendiri .
Bagaimana aku bisa mengidolakan Engkau yang hebat sedangkan diriku penuh coreng ?

Yesus, idolaku .
Maafkan aku .
Aku tahu Engkau melihatku dengan segala perbuatanku .
Aku tahu aku penuh dosa .
Pantaskah aku mengidolakan Engkau ?
Semakin kupikirkan, semakin malulah diriku .
Aku harus membenahi diriku agar aku pantas mengidolakanMu .

Yesus penuh kasih
Yesus Maha Pengampun
Yesus Maha Suci
Bisakah aku seperti Engkau ?

Yesus, idolaku,
bimbinglah aku,
ulurkanlah tanganMu senantiasa menuntunku di jalan yang benar .
Aku ingin mengikutMu dan mengidolakanMu selamanya .

ya gt yg gw tulis . trus dibacain . =="
tiap org baca tapi td garagara wktunya gag cukup jd yaa istirahat dehh .

Jesus, my idol

Jesus, my idol.
Can I be like You ?
That's what I'm asking for myself .
If You're here beside me now, I would be very ashamed .
Ashamed of myself .
How could I put You--The Almighty--as my idol while I'm full of stain ?

Jesus, my idol .
Forgive me .
I know You're watching me busy with my things .
I know I'm sinful .
Am I worthy enough to put You as my idol ?
The deeper I think, the more I'm ashamed .
I have to clean myself to make me worth to put You as my idol .

Jesus all-loving
Jesus all-merciful
Jesus the Most Holy
Can I be like You ?

Jesus, my idol,
guide me,
lead me to the right path .
I want to follow You and idolize You forever .

stellbee .

Monday, May 25, 2009


TADI di skolahh .
hmm singkatnya lsg ke plajaran Biologi aj hahaha . xP

talk about the Animalia Kingdom ~~
Agnatha class
Chondrichtyes class
Osteichtyes class
Amphibia class
Reptilia class
Mammalia class
and Aves class [burung]

iyaa burung .
jd itu yg gw mw omongin dsni tapi singkat aja .
pas Bu Yulia ud mulai ngomongin burungburungan gni trus si Edi ama yg laen ud ktawaktawa gag jelas tp yg paling napsu si Edi .

Bu Y : "..ya jd burung itu berkembang biak dgn bertelur.."
Edi : [ketawa makin heboh] "wah..wahahh..ada telurnya jg tuh ya?"
Bu Y : "knapa sih kamu Edi? emangnya kamu ga punya burung?"
Edi : "ngga bu.."
Bu Y : "Ohh ga punya..kasian sekali.."
Gw : [ketawa] "Edi masa ga punya burung? emang kasian deh hahaha"
Edi : "Ehh ngga bu ! punya kok, punya ."

--ngomongin burung berlanjut [gw lupa abis ini mrk ngmg ap]--
ini lg pada ngomongin suarasuara burung .

Edi : "pitpiitpitt..ada ga sih yg kek gt suaranya?"
Gw : "yaa haha punya Edi itu burung pipit !"
yg laen : [ketawa]
Edi : "ehh enak aja..punya saya ini BURUNG GARUDA bu !"
Eka : "Ibu, itu kan jaman dulu ada ya yg pake merpati buat kirim pos. nah itu gmn caranya bu? apa mreka dilatih ato gmn?"
Bu Y : "tidak. jadi mereka itu merpati yg khusus ya. mreka ud tau klo dikirim itu ke arah mana.
jadi contohnya gini. misalnya Edi itu sering maen ke rumah Stella bawa burung merpatinya.."
yg laen : "waa Edi ketauan yaa" "ngapaen tu?" dstdst..
Edi : "wah bu. punya saya GARUDAAA !"
Bu Y : "ya disini kan critanya MERPATI !"
Edi : "oh yaudah. ntar klo saya punya mah jadi garuda pos,bu. bukan merpati pos lagi."
Bu Y : "dnger dulu. Jadi kan itu burung merpatinya ud tau klo si Edi kasi surat trus suru kirim ke rumah Stella misalnya.."
yg laen : "ooo..jadi kalo Edi sering ke rumah Stella, rumah Windy, rumah Yoda, trus gmana dong nyampenya?"
yg laen lagi : "mampirmampir keliling dulu ya bu?"
Bu Y : *giggles a little* "ya ngga lah. ibu ga tau juga sih. burung itu kan sering terbang kemanamana makanyaa kalian klo punya burung itu dijaga baikbaik."
Edi : "klo ibu sendiri gmn? ada plihara burung ga?"
Bu Y : "ibu ga ada. suami ibu yg punya."
Edi + smua : "woo..burung apa bu?"
Bu Y : "burung merpati"
Edi : "wahh kalah sama saya punya dong GARUDA . emang napa ga mau Garuda bu?"
Bu Y : "Garuda buas. Merpati aja. Biar bisa diliatin terus."
Edi : "tapi kan Garuda lebih gede buu.."
Bu Y : "yang penting itu bukan UKURANNYA tapi KEPUASANNYA."
smua : "uwoooo..."
Edi : "kalo punya suami ibu itu gmana kpuasannya bu?"
Bu Y : "ya ga tau. tergantung suami saya lah.."

--the class continues--

Sunday, May 24, 2009

♥♥SHINEEversary ♥♥

damn the pic is too small in here . zzz .
anywaysss .
tomorrow is SHINee’s 1st anniversary .
so it's like 5 more hours from now .


well, i’ll always wish them goodlucks all the way .

Onew oppa ~
Key omma ~
Jonghyun hyung ~
Minho hyung ~
and Taemin . ^^

saranghaeee ~ ♥

Saturday, May 23, 2009


and last but not least~~
it's my fave :: KEY ! :DD









HP gw .

iyaaa hape gw itu emang rusak tadi malem .
jadi terpaksa gw pake hp gw yg jnis apa tuh gw jg lupa yang pasti butut .
klo smsan ktik keypadnya repod amett n gag bsa cepetcepett . grrr~!
tapi gw jg binun nihh gmn nasib n95 8gb gw . huhuhu .
lagu"nya yg da mau mpe gopek n poto"nya yg da 1000an lbih ada dsana smuaa .
klo gw mau pindahin k laptop jg mesti buka message settings ke phone memory deh bru bsa diconnect .
dan smua itu mesti pke feeling .
untungnya jg gw dah kebiasa pencet" hp tanpa ngliatin jd yaa apal" dikit lahh .

trus tadi pnasaran juga dong gw itu hp masa gw diemin gt aj cuma gara" layarnya gag memunculkan suatu gerakan apapun selain H I T A M .

jd dgn feeling gw coba" buka music player .
berhasil jg .
lagulagunya SHINee yg muncul . xD
yaialahh secara playlist mereka yg trakhir gw play .
cuma repod klo mau balikin ke all songs ntar gw gag inget baliknya ke playlist SHINee lg . x(

td jg gw ad coba idupin bluetooth trus suru si Edi kirimin video histeria gw n Jessica td malem .
berhasil jugaa .
cuma gw gag yakin jg itu ud ke-save bener ap belon . ahaha .

td jg gw ada nyoba" buka kamera n motret" .
ya jelas gag ada hasil gbrnya lahh .
cuma ya pke feeling hahaha .
bsok" deh gw mw cek pke cable data msukin ke laptop hasilnya gmn .

hp butut sementara yg gw pake ud jatoh sbanyak 3x buat hari ini dan nyariss jatoh untuk yg keempat kalinya . >.<