Monday, July 27, 2009

Adrian Martadinata - Ajari Aku

Ajari aku 'tuk bisa
Menjadi yang engkau cinta
Agar ku bisa memiliki rasa
Yang luar biasa untukku dan untukmu

Ku harap engkau mengerti
Akan semua yang ku pinta
Karena kau cahaya hidupku, malamku
'tuk terangi jalan ku yang berliku

Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti, semua inginku

[ajari aku 'tuk bisa mencintaimu]
[ajari aku 'tuk bisa mengerti kamu]

Mungkinkah semua akan terjadi pada diriku?
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Ajari aku 'tuk bisa mencintaimu

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menanti Cahaya

at lasttt .
I post something after days i didn't post . hehe .
firstly, I gotta say that I won 1st place photography contest by Borneo Tribune .
I was really excited when my sista called me and by the time I was still at school . xD
if I'm not wrong, the them is about the government's attention about the education .
klo gag slh sih yaa kira" gtu deh . da rda lupa soalnya .

sorry it's kinda blurry here . =(
the title of the photo is "Menanti Cahaya"
because as you see, they were studying in the dark with only some sun rays .
also, without tables and chairs but they still studying seriously .

you know, this photo can give us inputs .
lots of people suffer to study and even lots of more people that wants to study but they never had a chance .
how about us?
we study at nice schools, lots of facilities, and our parents can afford what we need .
we are WAY LUCKIER than them .
so why do we still keep complaining?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


thx for the awards, fellas ! :D
maap bru post skarang . hehe .
award penguin yg ini gw dapet dari fanee

cat award ini gw lupa dari siapa .
huhu . T.T

kalo yg ini dari elsa . gw inget . hehe .

thx all !
because I'm too lazy too tag people for this award,
so you can just copy this pic and have it as one of your awards . ;)
the rule! you've got to be one of the links in my blog . hihi .
cheers ~

Monday, July 20, 2009

fav quote for today .

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."


Saturday, July 18, 2009

the BOMB issue

hello and i'm back again :D

indonesians, what is the first thing do you think about your country rite now?
pasti bom kan?
yaa yaaa bom lagi setelah bbrp taon kita kaga kedapetan bom .
pdhl 6 taon yg lalu J.W Mariott itu ud kena .
taon ne kna lg .
plus ritz carlton jg lg ! huhu .
parah dehhh tu teroris otak buntu .
dan lagi, pastinya smua jg tau klo MU batal dateng .
uda mondar-mandir di TV ngebacot INI BUDI, BUDI BERMAIN BOLA malah kaga jd .
krn ap? bom .
si Budi kaga jd maen bola gara" kna bom .

once again, Indonesia is terrified by the bomb .

for me, i think the picture i posted above really shows how careless is the maker/the picture editor .
it doesn't show any appreciation or respect .
how rude !
and people still likes it ! [ i took the pic from facebook which people could click the thumb symbol to show that they like it ]

meanwhile, Indonesians in twitter really *reunite* to support Indonesia .
#indonesiaunite is on the top of the trending topics again, fellas ! :P

lots of Indonesian tweeple uses their pic like this :

yup . with the dual Indonesia flag colors or the small flag symbol ! :)

Who is behind this?

@arikfr (Arik Fraimovich), friendly web-geek.

(I've also did and the LIVESTRONG yellow wristband campaign)

taken from here

my twitter

i LOVE Indonesia and I'll always do .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

greetings again


at last I post something again after I had stopped posting about almost 3 weeks . :D
thx for everyone who gave me new awards and I'm soooo sorry I haven't post it . =(
for you who stopped by in my shoutmix box, gw juga blon smped bloghopping back yaaa tapi pasti i'll visit yours kok . hihi .

saking BANYAAAKKKnya yg mau gw post, gw jadi kaga tau jg deh mau post dr mana dulu .
yg pasti tar gw bakal nyempetin dehh buat berbagi cerita" asik gw yg tertumpuk . hehe .

jadiiii see ya later .
i'll be back and post something more important . xP