Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menanti Cahaya

at lasttt .
I post something after days i didn't post . hehe .
firstly, I gotta say that I won 1st place photography contest by Borneo Tribune .
I was really excited when my sista called me and by the time I was still at school . xD
if I'm not wrong, the them is about the government's attention about the education .
klo gag slh sih yaa kira" gtu deh . da rda lupa soalnya .

sorry it's kinda blurry here . =(
the title of the photo is "Menanti Cahaya"
because as you see, they were studying in the dark with only some sun rays .
also, without tables and chairs but they still studying seriously .

you know, this photo can give us inputs .
lots of people suffer to study and even lots of more people that wants to study but they never had a chance .
how about us?
we study at nice schools, lots of facilities, and our parents can afford what we need .
we are WAY LUCKIER than them .
so why do we still keep complaining?


  1. manteb!
    gitu donk
    masa kmrn2 gw mau lihat hasil foto u gak dikasih....
    keep jepret!

  2. jelek kali orangnya